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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Product Image (Piperazine Adipate)

Piperazine Adipate

Price: 5 USD ($)/Kilograms

Piperazine citrate is used as a second-line treatment for treating roundworm infections caused by Ascaris lumbricoides and pinworm infections caused by Enterobius vermicularis (oxyuris). It paralyses the worm which is then expelled by the digestive tract.

Product Image (Tulobuterol Base)

Tulobuterol Base Api

Price: 0.6-1.2 USD ($)/Kilograms

Tulobuterol has been used in trials studying the treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Product Image (Salmeterol Xinafoate)

Salmeterol Xinafoate

Price: 1-3 USD ($)/Kilograms

Salmeterol is used to control wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing, and chest tightness in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD; a group of lung diseases that includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema).

Product Image (Capecitabine)

Capecitabine Api

Price: 1-2 USD ($)/Kilograms

Capecitabine is a pyrimidine analogue used as an anti neoplastic agent to treat metastatic and advanced forms of breast and colon cancer, often in combination with other agents.

Product Image (Docetaxel)

Docetaxel API

Price: 1-2 USD ($) USD ($)/Kilograms

Docetaxel is an antineoplastic agent that has a unique mechanism of action as an inhibitor of cellular mitosis and that currently plays a central role in the therapy of many solid tumor including breast and lung cancer.

Product Image (Paclitaxel)

Paclitaxel Api

Price: 1-2 USD ($)/Kilograms

Paclitaxel is an antineoplastic agent which acts by inhibitor of cellular mitosis and which currently plays a central role in the therapy of ovarian, breast, and lung cancer.

Product Image (Chymotrypsin)

Chymotrypsin Api

Price: 1-2 USD ($)/Kilograms

It is also taken by mouth to reduce liver damage in burn patients; and to assist in wound repair.

Product Image (Oxcarbazepine)

Oxcarbazepine Api

Price: 50-60 USD ($)/Kilograms

Oxcarbazepine is an Anti-epileptic Agent. The physiologic effect of oxcarbazepine is by means of Decreased Central Nervous System Disorganized Electrical Activity.

Product Image (Fingolimod Api)

Fingolimod Api

Price: 35000-45000 USD ($)/Kilograms

Fingolimod is an orally available immunomodulatory drug used to treat relapsing multiple sclerosis.

Product Image (Prasugrel Api)

Prasugrel Api

Price: 400-800 USD ($)/Kilograms

Prasugrel is a novel platelet inhibitor approved for the reduction of thrombotic cardiovascular events in patients with acute coronary syndrome. Prasugrel produces inhibition of platelet aggregation by binding to receptors for ADP on the surface of platelets.

Product Image (Adapalene Api)

Adapalene API

Price: 1200-1300 USD ($) USD ($)/Kilograms

Adapalene is a Retinoid. The chemical classification of adapalene is Retinoids.

Product Image (Agomelatine)

Agomelatine API

Price: 1-6 USD ($) USD ($)/Kilograms

Agomelatine is structurally closely related to melatonin

Product Image (Aminocaproic Acid)

Aminocaproic Acid

Price: 250-300 USD ($) USD ($)/Kilograms

Aminocaproic acid is an antifibrinolytic agent that acts by inhibiting plasminogen activators which have fibrinolytic properties.

Product Image (Acetretin)

Acetretin API

Price: 1-6 USD ($) USD ($)/Kilograms

Acitretin is an oral retinoid effective in the treatment of psoriasis.

Product Image (Acrivastine)

Acrivastine Api

Price: 8000-9000 USD ($)/Kilograms

Acrivastine is a synthetic alkylamine with non-sedative antihistaminergic activity.

Product Image (Belinostat)

Belinostat Api

Price: 2500-3600 USD ($)/Kilograms

Belinostat is a Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor.

Product Image (Everolimus)

Everolimus Api

Price: 1-50 USD ($)/Kilograms

Everolimus is a derivative of sirolimus and an inhibitor of TOR SERINE-THREONINE KINASES. It is used to prevent GRAFT REJECTION in heart and kidney transplant patients by blocking cell proliferation signals. It is also an ANTINEOPLASTIC AGENT.

Product Image (Ondansetron Hcl)

Ondansetron Hcl Api

Price: 150-250 USD ($)/Kilograms

Ondansetron is used to prevent nausea and vomiting caused by cancer chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery. Ondansetron is in a class of medications called serotonin 5-HT3 receptor antagonists. It works by blocking the action of serotonin, a natural substance that may cause nausea and vomiting.

Product Image (Vitamin C Coated)

Vitamin C Coated Api

Price: 10-15 USD ($)/Kilograms

Biological functions Antioxidant at the cellular level and stimulation of phagocytic activity. Biosynthesis of collagen and conversion of vitamin D into its active form. Absorption of minerals and control of glucocorticoid synthesis. Involved in wound healing.

Product Image (Ivabradine)

Ivabradine API

Price: 6500-7000 USD ($) USD ($)/Kilograms

This medication is used to treat heart failure. It is used by adults to help prevent the heart failure from getting worse and needing treatment in a hospital. It is also used by children who have heart failure due to an enlarged heart (dilated cardiomyopathy).

Product Image (Ipratropium Bromide)

Ipratropium Bromide Api

Price: 1-2 USD ($)/Kilograms

Ipratropium oral inhalation is used to prevent wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing, and chest tightness in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD; a group of diseases that affect the lungs and airways) such as chronic bronchitis (swelling of the air passages that lead to the lungs) and emphysema

Product Image (Formoterol Fumarate Dihydrate)

Formoterol Fumarate Dihydrate Api

Price: 1-2 USD ($)/Kilograms

Formoterol fumarate is an ADRENERGIC BETA-2 RECEPTOR AGONIST with a prolonged duration of action. It is used to manage ASTHMA and in the treatment of CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARY DISEASE.

Product Image (Albuterol Sulphate)

Albuterol Sulphate API

Price: 1-4 USD ($) USD ($)/Kilograms

Albuterol Sulfate is the sulfate salt of the short-acting sympathomimetic agent albuterol, a racemic mixture of (R)-albuterol and (S)-albuterol with bronchodilator activity. Albuterol stimulates beta2-adrenergic receptors in the lungs, thereby activating the enzyme adenylate cyclase that catalyzes the conversion of ATP to (cAMP). Increased cAMP concentrations relax bronchial smooth muscle, relieve bronchospasms, and reduce inflammatory cell mediator release, especially from mast cells. To a lesser extent albuterol stimulates beta1 adrenergic receptors, thereby increasing the force and rate of myocardial contraction.

Product Image (Salbutamol Base)

Salbutamol Base

Price: 1-2 USD ($) USD ($)/Kilograms

As Anti Asthmatic Agent

Product Image (Tulobuterol HCL)

Tulobuterol HCL API

Price: 1-2 USD ($) USD ($)/Kilograms

Used in Treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. (Tulobuterol HCI) Prophylaxis and control of bronchospasm in bronchial asthma. Chronic bronchitis. Asthmatic bronchitis. Pulmonary emphysema. Bronchiectasis. Tracheobronchitis with emphysema and other bronchospastic disorders and conditions characterized by bronchoconstriction.


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